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Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Remodeling

Q. Will I Need A Permit Before Beginning A Remodeling Project?

A. When it comes to whether or not you're remodeling project is going to need a permit, the general rule of thumb is that a permit is only required if there are going to be any structural alterations to your home, or if the area of your home is changed. This applies across the board to bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, and any other remodeling project you might be considering. If your project doesn't consist of structural changes or alter the overall area of your home, a permit will likely not be needed.

Q. How Dirty Will The Remodeling Process Be?

A. In general, you can expect a bit of dirt and dust during the remodeling process. While this will be worst during the demolition phase, once things have been stripped down properly, and the work gets down to the frame, things will generally be a bit cleaner. Our team of remodeling pros will do what we can to seal off the other areas of your home that aren't being worked on to help prevent the spread of fine dust and other debris.

Q. Will I Have To Go Without Power/Water/Gas During The Remodeling Process?

A. Depending on the scope of your project, you might find yourself with a brief interruption in your utility services, particularly during the demolition phase of your project. These shut offs can range anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on what needs to be done, but before anything is shut off, our team of remodeling professionals will be sure to give you plenty of advance notice, so you can prepare accordingly and have a solid idea of how long the outage will be.

Q. When Will I Need To Make Decisions On New Appliances Or Fixtures?

A. Here at One Stop Remodeling, we adhere to a highly detailed schedule for your remodeling project, and our skilled professionals will not only work to keep you updated on the progress of your project, but will also keep you apprised of when we will need final decisions regarding new appliances, fixtures, etc.

Q. How Long Will My Remodeling Project Take?

A. The amount of time your project will take to complete largely varies from project to project, depending on its complexity and its scale. As stated above, we work to keep to a strict project schedule to ensure your project is completed as quickly and accurately as possible, and so we can provide you with accurate assessments of how long your project is expected to take.

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