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Bathroom Remodeling Ceiling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling in charlotte

Ask your bathroom remodeling company in Charlotte about ceiling design ideas. While most homeowners who plan a bathroom remodeling project don't give the ceilings much thought, it's a huge blank canvas that you can get creative with.

If you think about it, the ceiling is a place that we often forget about when remodeling a bathroom. So many homeowners have well-designed bathrooms, and the luxurious space makes their home unique and beautiful. However, the ceilings are often left plain.

Get inspired by these bathroom remodeling ceiling ideas for your Charlotte home.

Bathroom Remodeling Ceiling Designs

Bathroom remodeling offers an excellent opportunity to let in more natural light. The bathroom ceiling is the perfect place for installing large fixed skylights instead of wall windows. You can install smart-glass manufactured with today's technology, which can change from opaque to clear.

There are also functional skylights made with highly rated E-glass, and there are motorized systems that open and close them with a phone app or handheld remote control.

Imagine being able to take a nice warm, bubbly soak in your luxury tub, all while watching the clouds float by, or the stars twinkle at night. Then for those days when the sun is shining brightly, you just turn to the glass to a cloudy opaque or dark tint that reflects the sun's rays away.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ceiling Design Ideas

To add more luxury to your bathroom remodeling design, install beams under the glass ceiling. Stained and sealed wood in the bathroom gives the space a warm, earthy feeling that's suitable for many design styles.

Crown moldings and trim work offer a more tailored and sophisticated design. The trim can be beautiful in any bathroom where you want a high impact. Creating a style that borders on elegant and opulent makes the space sophisticated.

Mirrors On The Bathroom Ceiling? Oh, Yes!

Painted textures and faux finishes can bring an even higher level of luxury to your bathroom remodel if you install a ceiling mirror or two. Mirrors on the ceiling will be in style for many years if the design is well done.

rofessionals can create a complete design with mirror material, whether it's one single mirror or several. But the best thing about mirrors is they give the room the feeling of more space. The way light reflects around the surfaces can be stunning.

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